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TopView Consultants applies unmatched expertise and experience to help clients interpret the world's most complex and dynamic markets,providing actionable intelligence to implement strategies,expand business,resolve problems and do great things in Europe.


Our global team connects clients to powerful insights from our international expert network and recruits hundreds of new experts every year.

  • Experts

    We connect some of the smartest people in the industry, experts in their fields, with senior executives and decision-makers. We make it happen by carefully growing the network only after we do one-to-one pre-validations.

  • Surveys

    Surveys helps you meet your research objectives by delivering a full spectrum of insights from the world’s most diverse source of first-hand B2B expertise.

  • Integrated

    Integrated Insights combines several offerings to address your broader needs, including market assessments, due-diligence studies, and competitive landscape analyses, all led by a team member with deep industry knowledge.

  • Market

    If you want to start expanding to a new foreign market, we have an in-house interdisciplinary solution for that. We will give you an overview of the target market, taking into account all the important constants and variables - legal, economical, social, political etc. Moreover, we can asist you in choosing the right method, scale and strategy for your entry.

  • Monitoring

    For businesses, monitoring the policy and regulatory landscape is essential to success. We navigate both EU and MS waters. As part of our service, we run through the reasons behind this message and we try to asses the impact of politics on strategic planning. You will save time as our team of experts identify the threats and opportunities.

  • Events

    Events brings the world’s leading experts together to share perspectives and discuss industry trends and implications through virtual and live roundtables, webcasts, teleconferences, and other interactive conversations.

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